- You must have the button/code (or clickable text link) up and linked back to before submitting your site. We may be online when your submission comes in, and if it isn't there when we go to check, your submission will be deleted.

- The site you are submitting must be your own.

- No pornographic, racist or hateful websites will be accepted.

- Sites hosted on freeservers are accepted, but you can't have excessive pop ups/advertisements. If it has more than 2 pop ups, that's excessive.

- Your site must be in English or offer an English version. We have to be able to read what you have, to make sure it fits into the Guidelines.

- Your site can't be hosted on Yahoogroups, MSN groups, or anything similar.

- When you put the name of your site, leave out these type of characters: *, &&, etc. We'll remove them if you do put them in.

- Make sure you submit your site to the right category, and it must be the actual URL. No re-directs, ie.,, etc.

- The button/code/clickable text link must remain on your site at ALL TIMES. If your site goes on hiatus, then the link to must be placed on the splash page.

- NO DIRECT LINKING! Save the image on your own server.

- We don't want to have to hunt around for where you might have placed the link back, so please provide the url of the page where you've linked back to us in the "Link Description" box after you put your description. We'll remove that part before adding your site. If you don't provide us with the URL, and it takes more than two clicks to find where you've linked us, we may not list your site.


Ok, that's it, now go Get Listed!